Art Residency at dLux MediaArts

“Microbe DJ”

VIDEO: Laura Jade dancing with a Microorganism (a paramecium collected from a puddle outside the lab and viewed live through a USB microscope) to a soundscape that is influenced by both their movements.

IMAGES: A circuit board design that is the technology behind the “plant synthesizer” which uses the moisture of the plant to complete the circuit and make music, the Interactivation Lab and creator Bert Bongers, the video projection of the paramecium used for the “microbe dj” and myself working on circuitry.


The Collaboratorium was a three day artist exchange that took place between 10-12 June 2014. Following the interest generated from the MEMEBRAIN Art Hackfest in ISEA2013, dLux MediaArts paired with the UTS Interactivation Studio to bring together emerging artists for a three-day collaboration with international media artist, Andreas Siagian. Artists were selected on diversity of practice and interest in community participation and explored the theme of TRACE to develop:

  • new forms of community-based engagements through the use of new digital, cross platform, electronic and hybrid technologies in community based contexts

  • workshop ideas and practical strategies in small interdisciplinary team settings to broaden social participation in creative and expressive uses of digital media and technology