Luciferin is an interactive wearable luminaire inspired by the Elizabethan era of fashion and the enlightenment era of science. Luciferin is inspired by transhumanist ideologies where biology and technology work in symbiosis to enhance human capabilities and fundamentally transform the human condition in the next stage of technological (r)evolution.

Luciferin is a trio of responsive wearable luminaires. Playing upon the term ‘enlightenment’ the design references neck ruffles from the Elizabethan era and is an exploration of my interests in the fusion of aesthetics, science and technology in wearable computing and performance. The chest piece features an accelerometer programmed by an Arduino to control micro LEDs to illuminate in relation to the wearers movements. As a lighting designer I am fascinated by biological organisms that produce their own light (Luciferin is the molecule which produces bioluminescence in nature). The design was also highly inspired by the intricate illustrations of biologist Ernst Haeckel in “Art Forms of Nature” which describe an array of symmetrical and geometrical patterns found in living creatures.

Luciferin from Laura Jade on Vimeo.