Halos Of Air


Halos Of Air 2021
Laura Jade & Leslie Marsh

2022 Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Sydney
2021 Coal Loader, Centre for Sustainability, Sydney

“All living creatures need a home, even those that seek shelter in the winding burrows of our pulmonary system. Coal dust has long been a catalyst for the colonisation of our airways by myriad organisms, but so have many seemingly disparate sites, including, we now realise, fish markets. This work draws on the artist’s own experience in 2020 of sharing her breath with a microscopic organism that gradually and then quickly grew its family inside her – Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. Nestled among the residues of coal dust, small creatures flicker to life. Their growth is uncoordinated, but synchronicity soon emerges as host and guests become one”.

Halos Of Air features a series of delicate interactive light and sound sculptures created in collaboration with data analyst Leslie Marsh. The work brings together sculpture, light, python code, data & sound to create a narrative inspired by Coal, Covid, Lungs, and Tuberculosis.