Cerebral Nebula (Brain Light) is a life size human brain sculpture created using an MRI scan of a 35 year old male, and then sliced into cross sections, laser cut in perspex and then hand etched, slice by slice, with neural networks. Cerebral Nebula (Brain Light) is the prototype model for the Brain Light Project, a large brain installation that is activated and illuminated by human brainwaves transmitted from a wireless EEG headset.

Neuroscience and Art are fascinating fields; both explore the frontiers of human consciousness in parallel ways. As an artist with a background in biology I am drawn to question how our unique neural signature of electrical impulses creates our experience of self. The meditative process of hand etching neurons slice by slice allowed me to contemplate on my own mysterious biological functions, the way my own eyes and brain connect to see and experience the pleasures of the physical world.